04 September 2005

1-2 step

peace y'all,

i know we've all been trying to figure out what to do to help
those in the gulf coast who have been affected by the recent
happenings. i want to do something enormous that will
completely transform the lives of every single person
impacted. unfortuntately, i haven't yet figured out what that is.
in the meantime, i know that everything we do is significant.
every single thing counts and matters, even the most micro of

the first thing i've decided to do is to begin a fast/cleanse.
there are lots of spiritual, physical and energetic reasons why
i've made this choice, but the most important one is
purification so that i may be of the greatest use for a solution.
there's a lot else that goes into it for me, and we can build
upon it at a later time if you wish. in the meantime, i would like
to invite anyone who would like to participate to please join in.
if you have any questions about fasting or cleansing, please
ask and i'll share my experience and information with you.

i'm not sure how long i'll be doing it, just join in for as long as
you feel called to do so.

i'd also like to do a collective, daily moment of prayer when as
many people as possible are focused in prayer (and/or
meditation, setting an intention, thought, silence...) on creating peace, healing, harmony and
restoration for those affected by the happenings in the gulf
coast. at this point it will be 5 am Pacific Standard Time (8am
Eastern Standard Time). there is an incredibly dynamic power
when people pray together and i look forward to participating in
this process with you.

these are my first two steps. others are coming, as this is
only the begining. please let me know what you've come up
with because we truly are in it together.

be love,



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